Hallowinning! 27 People Who Are So Doing Halloween Right

Apparently it is still Halloween! Actually, it is not yet even Halloween! Can you believe it? It seems like it’s been Halloween since back when we used to have white presidents. In the years when the Halloween season lasts for weeks, Thanksgiving season tends to shrink, driving us straight into the naughty/nice capitalist bonanza that is Christmas. There’s probably a metaphor about gratitude over greed in there somewhere, but I’m just mostly concerned that I won’t get enough sweet potato pie and stuffing.

Anyway, this Halloween month has been a little rocky, hasn’t it? What with people suddenly getting confused about how whether it’s okay to put on blackface or portray murdered teens (for the record, nope. Sorry. Not at this time.) And I wrote about it a bit here but I started this blog to write about things that make me laugh or make me happy or make me think. And Scandal. I like to write about Scandal. I want to highlight things that are better rather than things that are problematic.

So, without further ado, here’s 27 people (and one dog) who are TOTALLY winning at Halloween. Hallowinning, as it were!

image: Huffington Post

image: Huffington Post

This guy, Brett, actually lives in my neighborhood. But I’ve never met him. I saw him near the Chinese place once. And I know his name because we have a mutual Facebook friend. This already sounds stalker-y.

Anyway, the other day I saw him on The Huffington Post in this winning get-up. So… now he’s on my blog. Hi neighbor! Also, I love Wario chillin in the background there.

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