Hallowinning! 27 People Who Are So Doing Halloween Right

Apparently it is still Halloween! Actually, it is not yet even Halloween! Can you believe it? It seems like it’s been Halloween since back when we used to have white presidents. In the years when the Halloween season lasts for weeks, Thanksgiving season tends to shrink, driving us straight into the naughty/nice capitalist bonanza that is Christmas. There’s probably a metaphor about gratitude over greed in there somewhere, but I’m just mostly concerned that I won’t get enough sweet potato pie and stuffing.

Anyway, this Halloween month has been a little rocky, hasn’t it? What with people suddenly getting confused about how whether it’s okay to put on blackface or portray murdered teens (for the record, nope. Sorry. Not at this time.) And I wrote about it a bit here but I started this blog to write about things that make me laugh or make me happy or make me think. And Scandal. I like to write about Scandal. I want to highlight things that are better rather than things that are problematic.

So, without further ado, here’s 27 people (and one dog) who are TOTALLY winning at Halloween. Hallowinning, as it were!

image: Huffington Post

image: Huffington Post

This guy, Brett, actually lives in my neighborhood. But I’ve never met him. I saw him near the Chinese place once. And I know his name because we have a mutual Facebook friend. This already sounds stalker-y.

Anyway, the other day I saw him on The Huffington Post in this winning get-up. So… now he’s on my blog. Hi neighbor! Also, I love Wario chillin in the background there.

image: Instagram

image: Instagram

THIS DOG! Wook at that face! And points for the dramatic scenery!

mariosTWO MARIOS! On the left, my friend Tim is Bro-rio, or Mari-bro! On the right, my friend Peter is Mo’rio. They’re both single, so if you’ve got a Luigi costume lying around I suggest you jump on it. As it ’twere.

Broseidon! It’s simple. It’s clever. It’s cheap! As Ina Garten would say, “How easy was that?” Bros love Ina Garten.

The Black Knight! I’m not sure how the left becomes the right. But I do love a costume that involves a dramatic transformation.

Speaking of dramatic transformations, second 43 of this video blows my mind forever and ever.

liv and little

ali gSpeaking of blowing my mind, this is my friend Melissa as Little Miss Sunshine and her friend Kaila as Liv Tyler in Empire Records. Fun fact: Melissa hand painted each of the pink cheetah spots on her shorts AND painted the shirt herself. EVERY LAST CHEETAH SPOT. She’s amazing at Halloween. One year she made her boyfriend, Nick, a mind-blowing Mugatu costume that still makes me giggle. This year Nick was Ali G, which is literally perfect. Melissa also supplied me with the glasses and suspenders for my Teenage Mutant Ninja Urkel costume, which let’s be honest, is the best thing I’ve ever worn. So she wins all over town this year!

image courtesy of Koot Hoot (

image courtesy of Koot Hoot (

Okay, can we talk about Kait and her fiance Phillip above?! Every year I’m flabbergasted by how good their costumes are! Two years ago she was Winifred Sanderson and it was phenomenal. Last year they went as a Broadway-ready Dorothy and Tinman, along with two friends as the Lion and Scarecrow. They won all the awards. A couple years back Kait made Phillip a Marty McFly costume that literally brought a tear to my eye. It was that good. Go to Kait’s blog to see these and other amazing costumes. Handmade! Hallowinning!

Okay. Guys.

For the next one I need you take a deep breath. Because this person is doing Halloween right but it’s… I’m sorry, it’s going to totally fuck your shit up.

…are you ready?


image: Instagram

image: Instagram

AAAAAAAAAAAGHH! ::cries forever::

Okay… deep breaths… Moving on.

This Dias de los Muertos costume is made completely from paper goods. You can eat off of it!

image: Instagram

image: Instagram

This Ursula is doing Halloween right, girl!

Lady Gaga Leaving Her Hotel With A Floral Hat

Lady Gaga does Halloween right every damn day!

And, finally…



THIS! I love! A group at the most recent Stimulus party, the largest, most successful monthly women’s parties in the Northeast, did Orange is the New Black so thoroughly that they even had ID badges printed with their pictures and the characters’ names. This photo makes me so happy for so many reasons. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s thorough, it’s diverse, it’s here in Philly (represent!), and Red’s wig gives me life all day long.

Sometimes when your Facebook feed is full of people who got caught in ill-advised, tasteless costumes, it’s easy to forget that there are millions of people who made a better choice. And that some of those people, a lot of those people, are actually pretty clever. The world is full of more good than bad, is what I’m saying.

Are you doing Halloween right? Do you know someone who is Hallowinning? Post it in the comments section! I want to know!


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